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Order and Disorder prediction using Conditional Random Fields (OnD-CRF) is a new method for accurately predicting the transition between structured and mobile or disordered regions in proteins. OnD-CRF applies CRFs which rely on features generated from the amino acids sequence and from secondary structure prediction. Benchmarking results based on CASP7 targets, and evaluation with respect to several CASP criteria, rank the OnD-CRF model highest among the fully automatic server group.


This work is supported by the Swedish Knowledge 30 Foundation through the Industrial PhD program in Medical Bioinformatics at Karolinska Institute, Strategy and Development Office as well as by BIOVITRUM AB and Umetrics AB.



Wang L. and Sauer U.H.(2008) OnD-CRF: predicting order and disorder in proteins using conditional random fields. Bioinformatics.download


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